Top-7 Must-have set of Mac OS X apps you need in 2016


Would you like to become a modern advanced user running your computer in a professional way? If yes, this article is for you. Mac OS X users have an opportunity to download a range of useful applications that would optimize computer work and promote its efficiency. A variety of possible apps is impressive. A lot of software sites, like Macupdate or Softonic offer hundreds of utilities, so you can customize your Mac the way to satisfy your user needs. How to not get confused in this app world, save your time and money, read below.

Remarkably that many of apps are mostly for entertainment and not vital for any Mac. For example, games or something like a tool for creating a family tree. Other, on the contrary, can be run only by users who are engaged in some specific fields. So, we are going to offer a set of the most important Mac software needed for comforable usage.


Well, enjoy the TOP 7 must-have apps you need in 2016:


  1. VLC Media Player.

Why has this player become so popular and taken first places in world top app lists for macs? The answer is that it’s solving different audio and video formats problem. It is compatibel with MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, DivX, MP3, OGG and other formats. The main reason why it’s better to get it despite a QuickTime Player installed is that to be played in it a file needs to be encoded in 64-bit or MPEG format. On the contrary, VLC player will play, stream or convert any format. It is easy to install and free.

  1. 1Password for Mac.

It is usual to have different logins and long confused passwords to every account you create in order to provide maximum security of your private data. Often it’s impossible to remember all those letters and numbers and not to be confused. So, the creative developers designed a wonderful 1Password app that securely stores all your credentials in one place. It also has an option of adding Web form filling and automatic strong password generation. One more benefit – it can cover all your devices (iPad, iPhones and iPod Touch). The price is about $65 but it’s worth it. Moreover, the app offers family plan to give you a chance to save some money.

You could think that it’s just an expensive alternative to iCloud Keychain, but that’s not exactly so. First of all, 1Password works with Chrome, Firefox and other browsers unlike iCloud keychain only with Safari. Secondly, 1Password provides with much stronger passwords (up to 50 characters) when iCloud Keychain can generate 15 characters long passwords. Then, 1Password can also store not only passwords, username-and-password combinations, secure notes, and credit card numbers, like iCloud Keychain. This app comprises  many other kinds of data, such as software licenses, passports, membership cards, licenses, and bank account numbers.


  1. Dropbox.

Iphone users often face the problem of transfering content from their PC to phone. Ther are differnet methods to fulfill this data transfer but the most quick and easy is a Dropbox. It creates a special Finder folder that automatically syncs online and between your devices or computers. Anything in your Dropbox folder will be synchronized across all the other systems the app runs on. It’s very easy to use and free, that’s why become extremely popular.


  1. Evernote.

Scientists proved that written task is more likely to be done than a spoken one. Therefore, it’s adviceable to have some to-do lists of task manager to remember all the things which should be performed. Evernote is a mulfunctional app. It helps you to take notes, save web pages, organize notes and also to collaborate with others. You can use it to take notes off-line as well and sync all information as soon as you get connected. Recently it has got a great feature to find the note you need by telling it what you want in plain language. The app has also a Google Drive integration. So, you can add docs, slides, sheets, and files from Google Drive as attachments or descriptive links without leaving Evernote. Links are formatted as clickable objects when you attach Google Drive files, making them easy to find in a note. The basic version is free, so once you have tried you would be excited with its functionality.


  1. MacKeeper with Track My Mac.

There are a plenty of apps for cleaning and optimization Mac performance. Why have we chosen MacKeeper? The answer is simple – this app embrases all the features every separate utility app has in one powerful software for a reasonable price (about $40). The latest version of MacKeeper includes 17 useful tools (cleaning tools, safe browsing, antivirus, data encryptor, files recovery, backup, shredder, duplicates finder, smart uninstaller, geek on demand etc).

Especially, we would point out Anti-Theft feature that works with recently designed iOS app – Track My Mac.


What can be more important than a total security of your Mac? Today it has become easy to steal a laptop and Macs have more popularity than other brands. But developers work hard on providing Mac users with great protection and designed this wonderful app for this purpose. All you need is to connect your Mac and your iPhone and activate tracking. Track My Mac will detect your Mac’s current location, make a photo of a thief and send this data directly to your iPhone. By the way, it’s free.


  1. Google Chrome.

Although Apple provides its devices with Safari, users prefer to have at least one more browser installed just in case. The reasone we recommend to download Google Chrome is an opportunity to use and easily share Google Docs. Chrome can work on Macs, PCs, iOS devices, Android devices etc. Unlike the latest version of Safari that is only compatible with Mac OS and iOS devices. Besides, it’s fast with its instant searching, smart with its syncing and very customizable with a big store filled with extensions and interesting themes. Its minimalist design makes the browser running easier and comfortable. One more benefit – this app is free.


  1. Amphetamine.

Amphetamine is a little app that is designed to keep your Mac awake. With its nice bar-based interface you can easily and quickly override your energy saver settings and keep your Mac awake, without even lifting your fingers from the keyboard. It is set up by default with keeping your Mac and its display turned on indefinitely. You can even add some unique features, like activating only when connected to specific WiFi networks and keeping only certain drives away. See more function on the picture below.


This set of must-have OS X apps can be extended according to your specific needs. But the list we presented includes the most versatile and helpful Mac software. Notably, that this huge quantity of apps existed in the App Store tends to be inceased, a lot of them perform similar functions, some are exchangeable, That’s why we composed this set the way to help you avoid wasting your Mac space with duplicated softwares.

Let’s run our Macs efficiently and with pleasure!