Teaching is one of the most respected, well-paid and rewarding professions among them all. Even despite the recent financial turmoil both worldwide and in the US, educators are still in great demand. It means there is a necessity for not only teachers, but specialists in the sphere of academia and education in general as well.

A great thing about teaching is you can find a job practically anywhere: preschools, schools, colleges, universities, e-teaching courses, evening classes, individual lessons, online tutoring, paper writing help, etc. In every country, in every city and in every community there is always a demand for qualified and devoted teaching personnel. Even in the Military sphere there are job openings for educators, which fall into two general categories.

Uncle Sam wanted you to war, now he wants you to teach

Who can teach and drill rookies better than a former brother-in-arms who has seen and done it all? For an ex-military it is a great opportunity to settle in civil life, provide for the living and at the same time share experience with novices. Moreover, intelligent and well-educated soldiers are the core element of US state and international defense, so people with skill, expertise and ability to teach are worth their weight in gold.

In addition to, a former militant can embark upon a teaching career at a public school as well. For example, the US Department of Defense runs a renownedTroops to Teachersprogram helping military experts establish themselves as teachers and mentors for young boys to grow up as real men.

How to become a teacher on a US military base

Have you always wanted to see the world, but never wanted to be in the service?Well, you can still see the world as a teacher for military dependents being on duty at many US military bases worldwide, including Panama, Netherlands, Cuba, etc.

As a rule, professional US militants bearing arms abroad travel with families to be as close to beloved ones as possible, and in order to prevent families from breaking down because of spouse’s active duty. And you, as a teacher, will be committing to educate soldiers’ children and seeing the world in the process.

Given teachers for the Military are perhaps the most well-paid educators, it’s a great choice for you to get an invaluable experience and a prestigious letter of recommendation when afterwards applying for a job at a civil school.

Where to search for teacher job openings in the Military

Educators looking to take a military teaching career turn should search for openings at USAjobs.gov. The site is sponsored by federal programs and what is more important it’s 100% legit. There you could find job offers for teachers, assistants, administrators and headmasters alike. Just make sure you have at leasta bachelor’s degree, an official teaching license or any other valid certificate, and at least a year of classroom experience. A solid recommendation letter is highly advised as well, as militants are men of action and they like things to be done right.