Today there is a stereotype about teachers working almost for nothing being true-blue idealists and altruists. On the one hand, it’s all true. Being a teacher requires sheer devotion, love and outstanding personal qualities to help kids grow up full-fledged members of the society and successful experts in their adult life.

However, on the other hand, teachers are far from being church mice. Of course, at poor districts where schools are in an uncared-for state and where both teachers and students are aimed at survival, not education, the situation is different. But that’s an exception to the rule whereas all across the United States being a teacher is (always was and will be in the foreseeable future) a highly rewarding profession. So, before you listen to someone telling you the opposite, check out 6 instances when being a teacher is hands down worthwhile.

1. Experienced teachers receive solid paychecks

Becoming a teacher is not the most get-rich-in-a-jiffy career. Beginner educators have wages similar to those novices in other professional fields raise. However, just like physicians and surgeons, the more experienced a teacher becomes, the higher her paycheck gets. Today teachers earn 11% more than other professional workers.

2. There are extras you might actually want to have

In the time of global financial recession more and more specialists get cut pensions, social pays, sick leaves, vacation time and other financial commodities. However, teachers receive their dues in full amount despite the level of qualification and years of experience. All the premiums are paid on time and to the full extent.

3. Flexible hours

If you have your own kids, you’ll enjoy more time to see them after classes then people from other working fields do. Teachers don’t have a fixed 8-hour schedule and usually go home a couple of hours earlier, which is a nice thing to do for educators with families.

4. You increase your own expertise in a subject

Smart men say they best way to learn something is to teach it. Students’ questions will help you dig into your subject more and understand it from different angles, those you didn’t notice before, which will make you a more well-rounded specialist in the area of study you teach in.

5. You’ll always find a job

A teacher with at least three years of experience will always be in demand. Whereas nowadays many positions in professional areas are cut with a view to economy and budget saving, layoffs and downsizing in no way affect teaching career opportunities, as no matter how bad things happen to country’s economy, educators are always needed.

6. Extensive vacation time

If the idea of having three months of vacation time (with all the premiums kept) seems luring to you, then a teaching career is the one you have to embark upon.

More time for your family, more time for your hobbies, more money in the paycheck, in-depth knowledge in your area of study, working with different people all the time and seeing how your former students achieve success in life – isn’t teaching the most rewarding profession among all?