The pomegranate – shrub or green tree garnet family up to 6 m. The flowers are purple and round, large fruit with a leathery pericarp. Berries with a hard rind and usually reddish in color. In the middle of the […]


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A photo essay is the most enjoyable thing a student may come across during academic career. Intrinsically, a photo essay is an assembly of photos placed in a sequence that it tells a story, event or describes an emotion.


World’s population is growing, so does the number of young minds looking for knowledge and subsequent career opportunities. For centuries being a teacher was a synonym of being a valued member of community, a symbol of prestige, and a subaudition […]


Teaching is one of the most respected, well-paid and rewarding professions among them all. Even despite the recent financial turmoil both worldwide and in the US, educators are still in great demand. It means there is a necessity for not […]