Traimages-3velling with husband is an effective way to refresh your feelings. Choose a place of destination and set off. There is a great amount of cities which you may visit with your husband to get your portion of happiness and romance and write my essays.
Paris, France
Let’s start with Paris, which is considered the most elegant city in the world. In the day-time, definitely walk along the unbelievable Elysian Fields, visit Notre Dame and in the evening you may enjoy the Eiffel Tower’s lights. You may also take a cruise along the Seine River with peachy dinner: French wine, frog legs, julienne and caramel crème for dessert.
Prague, Czechia
The capital of Czechia is another romantic city which is worth to visit. There is a great amount of ancient castles which are covered with legends, glorious restaurants and places for kissing.
The most popular among them is Charles Bridge – lovers of different ages come here to meet sunset and give kisses to each other. It is believed if a woman and a man join hands with each other and make a wish, this wish definitely come true. Unmarried people also come to Charles Bridge and make a wish to find soulmate. It is said that it comes true.
Continue the theme about beautiful Prague; it is necessary to mention other famous places for kisses: Prague Castle, Stromovka Park, short sea trip on shipboard with romantic dinner.
Venice, Italy
To refresh feelings with husband and add a part of romance, visit Italian Venice. This city awakens feelings and emotions. By the way, exactly in Venice famous heartthrob Giacomo Casanova was born.
People don’t hurry anywhere, they enjoy each moment of life. Tourists may walk along narrow streets, where people are talking about their feelings and see the sunset at the Bridge. You may taste risotto with cuttlefish, liver with garlic and of course Tiramisu.
Saint Petersburg, Russia
There are lots of beautiful places in Russia where you can go with husband. Saint Petersburg is on the first place in the list of the most romantic places. Here you may spend wonderful weekends with your sweetheart.
You may go for stroll in parks, squares, and avenues of St. Pete, visit exciting aquarium and see after livers of underwater world, to have a dinner in cozy restaurant and of course “raise the bridges”.
Don’t forget about such pleasant romantic trips which will help to enjoy each other. Love and travel!
About the author: Rebecca Smith is a freelanced writer, rewriter and translator. She is an owner of tourist company. Rebecca has visited already lots of wonderful corners of the world and knows many interesting things about travelling.